About Jon

Every knew idea comes with a testimony. You have to know, beyond faith, at some point that what you are engaged in has real value. My testimony of The Emotion Code came to me while on a trip to New Jersey during my certification process.

file0001995977791I love to travel. I love to see new places. My previous jobs had provided the opportunity to see much of the US and to even travel to Australia. However, as time passed I became more and more anxious about my travel. It wasn’t the flying that bothered me. Quite the opposite, I can fall asleep on the tarmac waiting for the plane to leave the gate. What bothered me was making the flight, just getting on the plane. As I prepared for this trip the day before the anxiety build to near epic proportions. Sleep was nearly impossible the night before leaving. I went over and over everything that I had packed and what was needed for the trip to be successful. With less than an hour of sleep I worried that I would not make it through security, I would be at the wrong gate, the flight would change and I would miss the change, my exhaustion would overtake me and I’d sleep through the boarding process.

Finally the moment came and I was safely on the aircraft. Carry on luggage stowed, I would close my eyes for my long over due sleep. I had about five hours before I arrived at Detroit Michigan where I would transfer to my next flight. TRANSFER! Oh, the whole process started over! As I sat there thinking how silly it was to fret over this as I was doing I realized that I had in my hands, actually the seat back in front of me, the answer to my situation. I pulled out my copy of The Emotion Code and began to ask if there were Trapped Emotions, the residue of past experiences, that were creating my anxiety. YES! Over the next 10 to 15 minutes I identified and released my Emotional Baggage. When I was finished I simply put my book away, closed my eyes and slept. The remainder of my trip was unfettered by anxiety. This change through the practices of The Emotion Code have given me the knowledge that I can bring these same changes in behavior, attitude, and health that I have experienced to others. Lifting them out of dis-ease and helping them to find health.

Discovery of The Emotion Code

If you are wondering how I came to be where I am and what led me down this path let me share a bit of that history with you.

My journey into natural healing began in long before I consciously recognized it in 2011. In the winter of 2004 I was exposed to the fact that foods could not only counteract symptoms and behave like medicines but also that they could eradicate disease that we considered near incurable. As I progressed on this journey and learned, line upon line, more about the nature of the universe ideas and thoughts began to fall into place.

When I discovered Dr Nelson and his book The Emotion Code I was ready for the information and an open vessel to the ideas and information he was sharing. As I began to read the website I felt the Universe kick into motion. I knew I had to know more and I knew this was a life path for me. I could feel hands in the middle of my back pushing me forward. While this is a metaphor, it was also a very real sensation. I could not think of anything else with clarity until I had purchased the book, within the hour of visiting the site. Before I could finish the book I knew and had the same pressure that I had to be certified to do this work.

Some have said it was an angel pushing me. Others have suggested it was a dear friend who had recently chosen to leave this life because she could not continue with the burdens that she carried. Others have put forth the idea that this is my life calling at long last discovered at a time I was ready to pursue it. I think all three of these concepts are true. I felt as I read the book that if I had possessed this knowledge my friend would quite possibly still be with her family and friends.