Pets and Emotions

A loving friend and my first four legged client.

A loving friend and my first four legged client.

Pets in the home is a given. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 65% of homes have at least one pet and 42% of homes have two or more. These pets often are not just animals to the owners and families, they are full fledged family members. They are loving companions who guard, protect, and provide unending emotional support.

Is it any wonder then that this same family member should experience the same adverse effects of emotions that their human counterpart experiences? Muscle testing allows questioning of pets with yes/no questions to find trapped emotional energies. These energies can then be released bringing relief.

One of the things that attracted me to The Emotion Code was the requirement to work with animal clients. This, to my mind, took away from the placebo effect. It also showed that our loving four legged family members to absorb and feel emotions just like our two legged members. The dogs and cats I worked with had no notion of that I was addressing behavioral issue. They just sat quietly and let me ask my questions, get the answers, and clear the emotional energy. There was no expectation from the client, the pet, of what I was trying to do so they could not alter their behavior to simply make me happy.

My favorite experience to date has been working with a large German Shepherd, Malamute, mix. Maui, a lovely boy with thick fur. His father, mother and sister, together with him looked like a wolf pack in the back yard. When let into the home these wonderful children would wander in, find their place and lay down. But not Maui… Oh no! He would charge down the hall to the front door. Slide on the throw rug and slam into the glass patio door. If you had the misfortune to be knocking, well, he was all fur and teeth. A giant love puppy with a fierce initial encounter.

Working with him to specifically address the aggressive behavior we identified a number of emotions underlying the behavior. After releasing those emotional energies the four legs were sent outside for a period of time. When rejoining the group inside, about two hours later, this little man walked into the house, put his nose to my leg, and then went to find his customary spot of indoor relaxation. A startled mother exclaimed that this was not her dog!

It is amazing the changes that are seen when people choose to free themselves of their emotional baggage. These people are both two legged and four legged. I have always loved animals and have wanted to care for them. Being a vet was out of the question as I could not and still can not deal with the blood and pain of injured loved ones. Through The Emotion Code I am now empowered to work with our four legged companions and to bring relief and calm. To help them be free of past emotional energies and let them love to their fullest.

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