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For years, alternative health care professionals have developed and provided natural therapies for healing and well-being. Oxygen alternative approaches to health have been used effectively by these professionals, as reported in over 5,000 published articles, for over 100 years!

Oxygen is a nutritional alternative approach to better health in the form of a remarkable activated oxygen supplement.. Oxygen is primarily absorbed into the blood stream through the stomach and the intestinal lining. Once in the blood stream, the oxygen will make its normal journey to the cells in the body.


Oxygen supplementation is a great source of natural sustained energy as well as being a very efficient detoxifier. NutraOxygen is a great value for the money. Not only does NutraOxygen have almost twice as many ingredients as other oxygen supplements, but NutraOxygen is also a two (2) month supply!

Ingredients such as: Cordyceps Mushroom, Spirulina, Ionic Trace Minerals, Rice Vinegar, Green Tea Leaf, Amino Acids, and Ginseng Root.

NutraOxygen uses a new proprietary process for creating oxygen in the body and to deliver it directly into the cells themselves. This process, once activated by the pH of the body, causes a chemical reaction. This reaction “throws off” oxygen molecules, while at the same time destroys itself by breaking down into amino acids. This is the safest, most highly efficient form of liquid oxygen delivery to the cells possible in a liquid oxygen supplement or liquid oxygen drops.


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